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Updated: Feb 24

 🪴Beyond High C Pre-Spring Series! 🪴 

Week 2 🗣️  🗓️  Series Dates: Feb 19- April 12

🧘 NEW Meditation Every Tuesday: 1;30-1:50 pm EST 🔗 link here 

🎵⏰ Song Session Every Thursday: 2:30-3  pm  EST 🔗 link here


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QUestion of the Week

Classes Week of Feb 26

Tell us about a person, thing or activity 🧓🚴🏻🚣🏻📞❓ in your life that has a high priority ⚠️📌👍. How do you make sure it stays a priority? What routine or discipline do you have to make time for it? Why is it important?

Advanced 👇

How do you know what/who to prioritize in your life? 

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Class Music

Classes Week 2 of Feb 26
I Saw Her Standing there 🧍🏻‍♀️👀

Classes Week 1 of Feb 19