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To ensure that it is completely legal and ethical for Speech Therapists and their practices, along with other licensed therapists and clinicians to enter into a referral relationship with us at Beyond High C, we retained the competent, nationally practicing health care attorneys of Chapman Law Group.

Our attorneys conducted research on Stark Law and other Anti-Kickback Statutes, as well as research on Beyond High C and the way we operate and accept fees from our participants. They have determined that because we are not therapists, and do not bill insurance or submit anything for reimbursement to a federal healthcare program, we fall outside Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute. In other words, these do not apply to us.

As our attorneys put it, a therapist recommending our program to a client is like suggesting someone join a gym to continue to progress and maintain the gains made during their recovery from physical injury.

We are entertainers with instructing experience. We have first-hand knowledge of vocal technique, because we are professional singers. Every member of our team has educational background in musical theater.

We are caring members of the community and the way we engage our participants is very much inline with the Life Participation Approach to the treatment of Aphasia accepted by many clinicians who work with People with Aphasia.

The memo provided to us by our attorneys confirming the claims listed above, is available to you upon request. We pride ourselves in honest transparency. We would love to work with you to help ensure a wonderful outcome for your clients. 

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Matthew Pelcowitz, Esq.
Juan Santos, Esq.

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